Vision & Mission

Vision of the Institution
Elevating the institution to the status of ‘Centre of excellence in education’

Mission of the Institution
1. Function as a model teacher education institution in region.
2. Provide academic environment conducive for teaching, learning, research, extension and consultancy.
3. Develop relevant teacher competencies and proper commitment among prospective teachers to maximize their professional performance.
4. Promote quality enhancement in education by organising seminars, workshops, conferences, publications and exhibitions.
5. Serve the community by means of extension and consultancy activities, dissemination of research findings and sharing of resources.
6. Form a cluster of teacher education institutions for integrating educational activities in the region.
7. Develop a value system among the teaching community based on culture of the nation, democracy and socialism.

Institutional Values
The Institution functions to inculcate and promote the following values:
1. Developing proper quality and commitment among student-teachers
2. Fostering essential competencies in contributing to national development.
3. Student-teachers for proper transaction in educational scenario and upward mobility.
4. Promoting feelings of national integration and international Inculcating a value system in understanding among student- teachers.
5. Student -teachers based on our culture, democracy and socialism.
6. Promoting the use of technology among student-teachers and students.
7. Initiating hard work among student-teachers and quest for excellence.